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The Marauder - AKA The Backwards Bone Machete

$449.95 USD

Ancient Marauders were feared by the weak, admired by the vicious, and loathed by kings.... the strong would face them or join them. Roving bands of Marauders would wield great and intimidating weapons that were sometimes too big for a particular job, sometimes too sharp, but brutally necessary in a pinch.  Those who wield the weapons of the marauders do not stay cornered for long.  They free themselves with grizzly fury. The very sight of the blade makes the marauders' enemies incontinent and scatter like roaches from a flame.  

When the only thing left after the apocalypse is yourself and the roaches, grab The Marauder for the best protection since abstinence at your local house of ill repute.  Carve your way through the wastelands, urban jungles, boarded up houses, and the asylums of forgotten power in style with this gnarly blade.  Wield this blade with your most ferocious inner is not for the light of heart. 

The Zombie Tools Marauder is a stout machette with a swedged wharncliffe tip, a slight recurve on the edge.  It is made from 5160 steel with 6061 aluminum handle slabs and comes with a black kydex sheath.

• Total Length: 27.44 in (.69m)
• Blade Length: 19 in (.48m)
• Handle Length: 8 in (.20m)
• Grip Size: 4.5 in (.11m)
• Steel Thickness: .204 in (5.2mm)
• Weight: 2lb 9oz (.79kg)
• Release Date: May 2023