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The Apocalax

$349.95 USD

All was quiet in the cosmos until the gods got bored. Loki, with that creepy little smile of his, brought out a cask of his good stuff. Rash wagers were made. Thor got way too serious about the beer pong, of course, and things got sloppy.

No one can recall precisely how it happened--the tale varies with each Valkyrie you ask--but somewhere in the scrum, asses flopped heavily over tea kettles, knocking cosmic orbits askew. The Planet of Swords, a bystander backhanded by a blitzed brawler, wobbled theatrically on the edge of its orbit before enacting an artless faceplant into the Axe Moon. The Scandinavian skies lit like a roman candle in kerosene pants. As the light show faded and rubble cleared, the boggled deities saw what was left of the obliterated orbs, a single object, spinning like a neutron star...the Apocalax.

Handcrafted from 5160 spring steel, the Apocalax mounts an 11-inch blade atop a curved, 15-inch handle. Not quite a knife and not quite an ax, it is the best of two destroyed worlds, a weapon that chops as well as it stabs. The elongated, leather-wrapped grip allows the hands to find purchase at multiple positions, depending upon the jabbing and slashing requirements of the moment, while the width of the ax-like head combines with the blade's overall heft to deliver in the most extreme hacking situations. Suffice to say that it offers all the versatility that today's yard-long-weapon-wielding consumer demands. A blade that, as the Danes say, crushes two flies with one fist.

Made with 5160 steel, sheathed in black Kydex, acid-etched in chaos, born of divine debauchery, the Apocalax is a true ZT original. 

• Total Length: 26.5 in (.67m)
• Blade Length: 11 in (.27m)
• Handle Length: 16.5 in (.42m)
• Steel Thickness: .25 in (6.3mm)
• Weight: 3lb 5oz (1.5kg)
• Release Date: November 2018