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The Skeggox

$315.95 USD

While digging up thousands of very old corpses in south Sicily, archeologists found something…odd. Only two out of nearly 3,000 skeletons were covered in stones or ceramic pottery. The items weren’t burial gifts—they were restraints. Scientists were surprised. We are not.

Be ready for any surprise with the Skeggox, the ZT version of the traditional Viking beard axe. The beard is an angled bit-bottom perfect for cracking a skull, ripping down a shield, or slicing through some unrestrained undead. This adds more cutting edge without sacrificing head weight and; balance. We also pulled the edge further away from the neck. This leaves plenty of room to grip the haft directly behind the head, allowing you to safely shave wood, cut rope, or properly remind a visitor that it’s time to leave. You know…camping stuff.

It's light weight keeps fatigue level low and destruction level…well, as high as you want it to be. Just like our beloved Kraken, the Skeggox has a spiked poll end, making every angle a potentially lethal one.

Now is not the time for necrophobia. Now is the time to have a tool that lets you bury a beard in a zombie skull before they can finish their one-word requests. Behold the Skeggox.

The Skeggox is a full tang blade in 80CRV2 steel and comes with a black Kydex bit cover.

• Total Length: 13.5 in (.34m)
• Head Width: 6.37 in (.16m)
• Edge Length: 4.37 in (.11m)
• Steel Thickness: .205 in (5.2mm)
• Weight: 1lb 13oz (.82kg)
• Release Date: February 2021