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The Xiphos: Scout

$339.95 USD

Scout \ skau̇t \ : a soldier or other person sent out ahead of a main force so as to gather information about the enemy's position, strength, or movements.

In order to perform this duty well, one must be light, fast, and silent. It is these qualities that were in mind when creating the Xiphos: Scout. Its shorter length lends itself nicely to be worn “scout carry” with the added benefit of detracting attention from that ill-conceived butterfly tattoo.

With its stylish asymmetrical handle, this blade is comfortable in the hand in either standard or reverse grip. While its leaf blade design will leave a significant impression on any that may discover your position. The blade is also well suited for delimbing foliage for creating camouflage or impromptu shelters.

The Xiphos: Scout is made from 5160 steel and handle slabs made from T6 aluminum. All blades come standard with a black Kydex sheath.

• Total Length: 16 in (.41m)
• Blade Length: 9.6 in (.24m)
• Grip Size: 5.5 in (.139m)
• Steel Thickness: .25 in (6.4mm)
• Weight: 1lb 10oz (.73kg)
• Release Date: June 2020