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One-Bit Bjorn

$395.95 USD

Don't hibernate for eternity in the ground or get stuck in the peasant militia with some beardless, limp piece of lumber. The One-Bit Bjorn will turn thralls into karls, and karls into jarls. The victors will enjoy the spoils near the hearth fire, reminiscing about the frightened eyes of the enemy as their shields were pulled down, exposing them to their destiny.

The One-Bit Bjorn is made from 80CRV2 steel with T6 aluminum handle slabs and comes with a black Kydex blade cover.

• Total Length: 22 in (.56m)
• Handle Length(Aluminum): 14.875 in (.38m)
• Grip Length(Leather): 11.75 in (.30m)
• Head Width: 6 in (.15m)
• Edge Length: 8.25 in (.21m)
• Steel Thickness: .205 in (5.2mm)
• Weight: 3lb 4 oz (1.47kg)
• Release Date:  December 2023