Please note our current wait time is 6-8 weeks on all blades.

About Us

Zombie Tools is a band of folks operating under the auspices of the trickster god Loki, bound together by a common passion for blades, science and art. And beer. And all things metal. And beer.

In 2007, three young, emerging and aspiring blademakers set out upon the “zombie apocalypse” mythos. Not wanting to conform, they took an idiomatic approach designing and building weapons for “worst case scenarios”. Since inception, our crew has grown to 11 makers and artists working full time, making battle-ready weapons in Missoula, Montana. We’ve put blades in the hands of legions of people all over the world.

It is our intention to be the best blade makers we can possibly be. Our blades are burly, fully functional, and durable. We intend for our blades to be unique, beautifully badass, and to bear the marks of the hands that made them. Additionally, we want them to be affordable. To achieve this balance, we use a mix of technology and traditional methods, and slather it all in our sticky and sometimes inappropriate sauce.

We are constantly changing and improving what we do, both to get better results and to keep our creative sauces at a vigorous boil. We don’t see what we have to offer as a “product line” so much as a constantly evolving menu of limited edition pieces. If you see something you like, you should probably move on it, because it might be retired next month. Keep up to date on our retirements, sales, and new releases by signing up for emails and following us on social media.

We are an amazingly fortunate bunch of assholes to be doing what we’re doing. We try to keep that in mind every day, and to remember that it’s only possible with your ongoing support. We’ll keep it up as long as you do.

Keep it tight!

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