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The Corvus

$324.95 USD

Across the wastes the ravens gather. Some call it a conspiracy, others call it an unkindness, and others—a storytelling. Their movements are inspiring. Their minds are the envy of the animal kingdom, even among humans. They navigate the world, solving riddles, playing songs, captivating the hosts and adorning chamber doors. Always keen and ever watchful, they know our faces like the spy cameras of nature.

Born in the realm of the Zombie Tools mythos, fashioned in the spirit of the grace and precision of the nimble kama, and dedicated to the beauty, intelligence, and resourcefulness of the raven, The Corvus has descended. Like our ancient raven companions, this blade will scale to the heights to forage from above, and carve into the depths to extract from below—making fruitful work in an otherwise laborious world. With its sharpened beak, the world is your nut. 

The Corvus is crafted from 80CRV2 steel and 6061 aluminum handle slabs, and comes with a black kydex blade cover.

• Total Length: 16.5 in (.419m)
• Blade Length(edge): 4.875 in (.124m)
• Head Length: 7.75 in (.197m)
• Handle Length(aluminum): 12.5 in (.318m)

• Grip Length(Leather): 6.5 in (.165m)
• Steel Thickness: .205 in (5.2mm)

• Weight: 1 lb 13oz (.821kg)
• Release Date: June 2023