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The Felon

$335.95 USD

In 1827, on a sandbar in a Louisiana slough, Jim Bowie brought a knife to a gunfight. Fortunately, it wasn't just any knife, and Jim wasn't just any man. Although shot, stabbed, and pistol whipped by his foes, Jim used this knife of his own design to gut one man and slash a chunk from the arm of another, and lived to tell the tale. Jim would finally meet his end, overwhelmed by hordes while defending the Alamo. But the knife, which the world would come to know as “the Bowie”, would live on, becoming America’s most famous contribution to edged combat.

The ZT Felon is our homage to the badassery of big Jim Bowie and the American knifemaking tradition. In typical ZT style, it's a big fucking chunk of steel, 20-inches long with a 12-inch edge, the classic clip tip with false edge, and a handle big enough for a gorilla's grip. At 2 pounds weight and a quarter-inch thick, the blade is heavy enough for a vicious slash, but long enough for classic cut-and-thrust swordplay. It even has a hammer point along the spine for working through a tough chunk of wood or the sinews of a unicorn. Be warned that wielding this knife will land you in the houscow in several Southern states (careful where you carry, Texans), but come the apocalypse, the Felon makes its own law.

Made with 5160 steel with aluminum handle slabs wrapped in black leather. Comes with Kydex drop-sheath & leg strap.

• Total Length: 19.5 in (.50m)
• Blade Length: 12.75 in (.32m)
• Handle Length: 6.5 in (.17m)
• Grip Size: 4.75 in (.12m)
• Steel Thickness: .25 in (6.4mm)
• Weight: 2lb 2oz (.96kg)
• Release Date: October 2012