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The Scyllis

$259.95 USD

The Persians were at the Greeks' throats, again. A massive Persian invasion fleet, outnumbering the Greeks by a stupid margin, lay off the Aegean coast, primed and ready to crush the smaller navy before landing their hordes on Grecian soil.

A Greek prisoner aboard a Persian ship, a badass named Scyllis, catching wind of the Persian plan, stole a knife from his captors, slipped his bonds, leaped overboard and escaped, swimming to shore to give his countrymen an intelligence brief. Cool enough. But then, legend has it that Scyllis piled on the badassery by swimming back to the Persian fleet and, using a reed as a primitive snorkel, stealthily cut the mooring lines of the invading navy, so that when the Persians awoke on the day of their triumph, their ships were in disarray and drifting out to sea, giving the Greeks the opportunity to organize a counterattack.

In honor of Scyllis, the spiritual granddaddy of the Navy SEALs, we offer a Persian-style fighting knife. Light in the hand, quick on the move, with a biting fighting tip and a recurve blade for deeper cuts in close quarters fights, the Scyllis is an ideal partner for any special operation in which you are called to engage. The Scyllis is comfortable in both forward and reverse grip, and has a finger-sized choil and thumb ramp allowing fine control for utilitarian application.

5160 spring steel, black Kydex sheath, aluminum slab handles with black leather wrap, and a dirty-sexy acid-etching -- cuz this is how the ZT do.

• Total Length: 15 in (.38m)
• Blade Length: 9 in (.23m)
• Handle Length: 6 in (.15m)
• Grip Size: 4.5 in (.11m)
• Steel Thickness: .204 in (5.2mm)
• Weight: 1lb 3 oz (.54kg)
• Release Date: March 2015