Please note our current wait time is 6-8 weeks on all blades.


Artisan Engraving

$250.00 USD

Our artisan engravings are designed and created in-house through our brood company, Lone Sentinel Engraving, here in Missoula, Montana. We currently have several unique designs available for our blades with more to come. Some are traditional American and European scroll-work and others are Scandinavian and Celtic knot-work.

There are many reasons to get engravings on your ZT blade, from aesthetics, cultural, religious, to anything that makes the blade personal or part of the greater story of our lives. In the end the wielder of the weapon decides what the engraving means.

We invite all custom engraving ideas for your Zombie Tools blade. We have already engraved more than we can count, from something as simple as a few initials, to full blade covers of patterns and text.

The art of engraving is as old as human civilization, dating back roughly 500,000 years and we are happy to carry on the human tradition.

For all other engravings, outside the realm of Zombie Tools, contact our brood company Lone Sentinel Engraving at And, see some of the shenanigans we are up to at