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Baby Shark

$315.95 USD

It only takes one battle for warriors to learn an important lesson: Never underestimate the little guy. This is especially true with this “baby,” the latest member of the Sharkalope family. Possessing the bite of the full-size Sharkalope in the convenient size of a dagger, the Baby Shark will quickly teach anyone that judging something by its size may be the last mistake an opponent will make. Pair it with our full-size Sharkalope and you’ll be able to use Espada y Daga—a traditional and badass Filipino sword-fighting technique—to slice through anything in your way.

The Baby Shark is a full tang blade in 5160 steel with aluminum handles wrapped in leather and comes with a black Kydex sheath.

• Total Length: 15.25 in (.39m)
 Blade Length: 9 in (.23m) 
• Handle Length: 6.1 in (.16m) 
• Grip Size: 3.8 in (.09m) 
Steel Thickness: .204 in (5.2mm) 
Weight: 16oz (.45kg) 
• Release Date: July 2019