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The Ace

$210.95 USD

The Gambler looked at his hand and knew trouble was on the horizon. Four unbeatable hands in a row was sure to give rise to violence, considering eyebrows raised on the second hand and tempers on the third. His opponent grumbled "Call", the Gambler smiled as he laid down his cards and said "If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man, you win some, lose some, all the same to me", as his fingers curled around the grip of the Ace up his sleeve.

The Ace is our interpretation of the age old gambling companion for when thing go sour. Quick to draw, the Zombie Tools Ace will turn the odds on any shark. You will never be shorthanded with our grinder's take on the American push knife. Raise your hand with this fistful of fuck yeah! It's a safe bet.

Made with 80CRV2 steel and 6061 aluminum handle slabs, sheathed in black Kydex with Safe Lock belt attachment, ground krunchy like Kendrick, acid-etched in chaos

• Total Length: 6.875 in (.174m)
• Blade Length: 4.25 (.107m)
• Handle Length(sideways): 4.25 (.107m)
• Steel Thickness: .17 in (4.31mm)
• Weight: 8.3oz (.235kg)
• Release Date: August 2022