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The Apokatana

$564.95 USD

When vastly outnumbered by your enemies, every student of the art of war knows that speed, stealth, and smarts are all you've got. For the runnin' and gunnin' warrior who knows how to choose his battles and vigilantly maintain a corridor of retreat, ZT offers the Apokatana, our take on the tactical katana. With a blade of 28 inches, the Apokatana has the traditional dimensions of the time-tested Japanese blade, but with a touch more beef in the spine for durability and increased cutting momentum. The latest version of the blade, introduced in 2017, has a steel tsuba handguard with electro-engraved accents. The aluminum slab handle is wrapped in black leather for a comfortable, low-slip grip. When the Kydex sheath is strapped to your tactical vest or bag, the Apokatana's 3lbs will allow you to get in, cut down, and bug the hell out when Zak's numbers turn against you.

Made with 5160 steel and comes with a black Kydex sheath. 

 • Total Length: 40.25 in (1.02m)
• Blade Length: 27.75 in (.7m)
• Handle Length: 12.5 in (.32m)
• Steel Thickness: .204 in (5.2mm)
• Weight: 3lb 3oz (1.44kg)
• Release Date: September 2017