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The Redeux

$525.95 USD

"There are no re-dos in life" a bad poet once said. No one knows exactly what that poet re-didn't, but, the poet clearly gave up and nothing was redone. Unlike that poet, we have a drawing board -- where things are rethought, rewritten, reworked and sometimes redone.

Intro-Deucing -- the Redeux. A mashup of the best qualities of our first two Deuces. Featuring the iconic recurve blade of the original Deuce and the comfy, counterbalancing handle of the Deuce II; a Frankenstein job we've wanted to do for years. 

The Redeux is a full tang blade made from 5160 steel with aluminum handle slabs and comes with a black Kydex sheath. #puns #sorrynotsorry

• Total Length: 36.25 in (.92m)
 Blade Length: 22 in (.56m) 
• Handle Length: 13.75 in (.35m) 
• Grip Size: 9.75 in (.25m) 
Steel Thickness: .204 in (5.2mm) 
Weight: 3 lb 5.7 oz (1.52kg) 
• Release Date: October 2022