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The Zakasushi

$475.95 USD

The Zakasushi is our take on the Japanese wakizashi, traditionally a companion sword to the katana. Miyamoto Musashi, the most badass samurai of all time, created a sword technique he called "two heavens as one", in which he fought with a katana in one hand and a wakizashi in the other. While few possessed the duel-wield skill of Musashi, the wakizashi was still carried by many samurai along with the katana for use in close quarters fighting, decapitating a disabled opponent, and carrying indoors when protocol required that the katana be left outside.

The latest version of our Zakasushi has a steel tsuba (circular handguard) with cut-out ZT logo elements and an electro-engraved splatter pattern.

The Zakasushi can be teamed up similarly with our Apokatana, or used singly by the warrior of slighter build or by the fighter on the move wishing to complement his firearm with a blade that won’t weigh him down.

The Zakasushi is made with 5160 steel and comes standard with a Kydex sheath.

• Total Length: 33.5 in (.85m)
• Blade Length: 23 in (.58m)
• Handle Length: 10.5 in (.27m)
• Steel Thickness: .204 in (5.2mm)
• Weight: 2lb 10oz (1.19kg)
• Release Date: September 2017